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Wessex Kidney Patients Association...Run By Patients For Patients....

Wessex Kidney Patients Association.

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Patients Transport.

Patients using Hospital transport are asked to report all issues relating to transport, especially at satellite units. Nothing will be done to resolve the problems if they go unreported. Please let me know of any issues as I am the patient representative on the Clinical Governance Committee, which meets every month and discusses patient experience as one of its topics.

Please contact Catherine West on 02392501774 or via 
e-mail or use the form below.

Concerned about filling in an ESA or a PIP

Essential guides to Employment and Support Allowance and also to Personal Independance Payments are now available from c-App.
The sites contain essential guides to ESA and PIP, in long and short versions, and a video covering the same ground as the short version. Most importantly, they contain a tool which allows users to test out the sort of questions they might be asked in the assessment, and to save a list of their key answers in advance of the assessment. This
link will guide you to the National Kidney Federation website for some easy to understand and usable guides.

Carers Leaflet

A  Carers Leaflet has been produced

by Wessex Kidney Centre and can be

accessed by following the link here.


Think Kidneys is a national programme led by the renal community and supported by NHS England and the UK Renal Registry
This July 2016 sees the launch of a national campaign to raise awareness of our kidneys, their importance for life and health and how to look after them. The new page on their website includes simple information about the kidneys, sources of more information and details of a series of informative posters which will be displayed in GP surgeries and pharmacies over the summer months. The campaign will also be very active on social media.
For more information Click the following link:-  

Thousands waiting for Kidney Transplants

Click here for ITV link (From March 2016)